Photorealistic Arctic Environment + TrueSky Simulation

This environment is available to buy with new and improved materials, textures, assets with LODs, plus furthermore. Check it out. :)
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An photorealistic arctic environment rendered in realtime using TrueSky simulation. 90 km wide with multiple LOD's on distance mountains to save performance. Main landscape uses slope based system to determine angle of snow and rock.

- Real Time Dynamic Lighting + Physically Based Rendered
- 3 Main Terrain Splatmap Layers: Rock (Peaks), Snow (Slope), Ice (Ground)
- High Quality 8k Main Landscape, 4k Mountain Peaks
- Playable Area: 8 x 8 km (8192 x 8192 World machine render)
- LOD 1: 24 x 24 km
- LOD 2: 40 x 40 km
- LOD 3: 90 x 90 km