Avatar: Frontier of Pandora Night Time

Disclaimer: All images taken are from the retail copy using the in-game Photo mode.

Super excited to finally post my work on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. All the shots you see are taken in-game using the Photo mode. During my time at Ubisoft, I have been responsible for creating and iterating materials during the production of the main game, with the use of Substance Designer and Quixel Megascans.

I have also been responsible for world-building Pandora using the built in splatmap engine tools. Collaborations with other art, gameplay etc departments ensured we all created a stunning and believable experience for players to enjoy.

The night time shots required custom tools built in Substance Designer. This was to ensure the bio luminescence happened in the appropriate parts of the texture relative to where foliage was and what asset they would be placed near by, so consistency was very important.

I am proud to have led on Material Art within the game, and to have worked alongside other amazing material artists such as: